Local life

Afternoon at the beach

Grenada is a beautiful lush island in the south of the Caribbean close to Barbados and the Grenadines. It is a friendly and very safe Island. It is very easy to get around especially for Brits as they drive on the left hand side. This is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean with very little crime, but amazingly friendly people.  Close to the villa is Prickly Bay marina and beach. In the Parish of St George are also the famous beach of Grand Anse whose golden sand stretches for over a mile.

Other local beaches that are easy to get to are Mourn Rouge, known locally as BBC beach.  With its crystal clear waters, white sand and shells everywhere, it’s a very child safe beach.

There are amazing beaches


Lance Aux Epines Beach

La Saggese Restaurant

The Dodgy Dock Restaurant

The Coconut Beach


Spice Market

The beach at La Saggese Nature Resort

Sunset at Prickly Bay

The beach at Aquarium looking out to St George